The company

Our activities

Our activities

Design, manufacture and installation of electrical installations, alarm, telephone, fire alarm, fire alarm and sound systems, intercom systems, video surveillance systems, access control, structural cabling and installation of equipment for low-voltage installations and networks 

What makes the company a successful, desirable and preferred partner is:
  • Strict implementation of the projects and following the standards in Bulgaria and the EU;
  • Usage of only high quality materials;
  • Attempting to reduce the human labor by intensive usage of new technologies and high-performance tools and mechanization;
  • Job done in short deadlines;
  • Simplified organizational structure and low administrative-management costs;
  • Competitive prices;
  • The fact that the company has already been certified under ISO 9001.

Company background

Initially, the firm started in 1992 with designing and installation of alarm systems, and in 1995 the service of designing and installation of intercom systems was added. In 1997 began the development of a new activity - production and installation of high-voltage and low-current electrical installations, which is now the main activity of the company. In 1998, Stewa-2 Ltd. started  with the installation of video surveillance and sound systems, and in 2000 also fire alarm, telephone and computer systems.
According to the court registration, the company has a wide scope of activity but the actual scope of activity is:" Design, manufacturing and installation of electrical installations, alarm, telephone and computer, fire alarm and sound systems, intercom systems and video surveillance systems ".

The short-term goals of the company are expansion in the field of electrical design and building automation projects, something that two of the firm's specialists already possess the required certificate for, namely "FULL  PROJECT CAPACITY", and the manufacture and installation of the above-mentioned low-voltage systems in large construction sites - hotels, office buildings and shopping centers.
The other major objective of the company is to improve the construction of access control systems that we have built on several sites, such as "Online“ systems..

The company's third goal was registration under IS0 9001, which is already a fact. The company was ISO 9001 certified on 14.11.2007. by ‘German Lloyd’.